Lambton-Kent Lifeline
Personal Response and Support Services

Lambton Hospitals Group is a Lifeline Systems Provider.  Our service is offered to residents of Lambton and Kent counties.

In business for over 25 years, Lifeline is a recognized leader in the field of Personal Response and Support Services across North America. Lifeline is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange and has offices in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, and Framingham, Massachusetts.

Lifeline connects individuals to the support of neighbours, friends, and emergency services in the community. The individual served is able to directly contact trained Lifeline staff 24 hours a day from around their home or yard by simply pressing a button. A Lifeline Monitor assesses the individual's needs and quickly sends the appropriate support. Over the years, Lifeline has provided this service to over four million people across North America.

Founded in 1974 by Dr. Andrew Dibner and his wife, Susan, Lifeline has quickly become the leading supplier of Personal Response Services, dedicated to finding ways to allow elderly or disabled people to live with independence and dignity in their own homes.

Lifeline service is increasingly being added to the care plans of elderly patients in response to a healthcare climate that demands cost-effective care and patient satisfaction. The quick response offered by Lifeline has been shown to reduce the number of days a subscriber spends in a hospital or nursing home as a result of an accident or fall.

Lifeline is offered by over 2,000 healthcare providers across North America, including hospitals, area agencies on aging, home healthcare providers, and nursing homes. These healthcare providers use Lifeline as a critical safety net for their patients residing at home.

Lifeline offers monitoring services and products to people who want the assurance of 24 hour assistance at the touch of a button while remaining independent in their homes. Included with the monitoring service, Lifeline rents each Subscriber the equipment they require: a Communicator/Telephone and a Personal Help Button.

Lifeline offers a variety of Communicators and Personal Help Buttons designed to meet your needs. Lifeline's products are easy for you to use, attractive, and packed with features that help you or a loved one remain independent at home. Our Lifeline Access™ products are specifically designed for people with limited mobility.  Lifeline designs and manufactures all of its own equipment to strict quality standards.

 For more information on Lifeline Systems Canada, please visit their website at

If you are interested in having a Lifeline system installed for yourself or a loved one, please contact our Lifeline department at:


Theresa Pettit, Coordinator

or Maria Muscedere, Assistant Coordinator

(519) 464-4414

Chatham: Evelyn Reeve
(519) 351-1110