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McGuinty Government Ensures Bluewater Health Remains In Top Condition For Patients


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Sarnia - The McGuinty government is making sure that facilities at Bluewater Health remain in top condition for patients in Lambton Region by investing $3.3 million in needed upgrades at the hospital, Caroline Di Cocco announced today on behalf of Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman.

"This investment will help Bluewater Health keep pace with needed improvements so that it can continue to be a well-functioning health care facility offering the very best care to the residents of Lambton Region," said Caroline Di Cocco.

The funding announced today will enable Bluewater Health to relocated the electrical feed and loading docks as well as the pharmacy department. This initiative will expedite the completion of the major redevelopment project.

"Today's announcement brings us one step closer to building a health care facility that our patients, staff, physicians and community deserve and need," said David Vigar, President/CEO, Bluewater Health. "This has been a long process and there are many individuals who can take pride in their continued belief and commitment to this vitally important community project. I would like to publicly thank Caroline Di Cocco for her efforts to bring this part of the building project to fruition."

"Our government recognizes that patients can only receive high quality hospital services at high quality hospital facilities," Smitherman said. "We are strengthening our hospitals so that they can better serve their communities."


Attachments: Backgrounder - Building Project Phases

Giving the thumbs up outside the Bluewater Health, Mitton Street site are from left; Bluewater Health Foundation board chairperson Cathy Halenby, Bluewater Health board chairperson Katherine Scimmi, MPP Caroline Di Cocco, Hospital CEO David Vigar, State of the Heart fundraising co-chairs Gail Furlan and Alex Jongsma and Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, honorary fundraising chair.
Photo: GLENN OGILVIE The Observer


Enabler Project - Phase 3 of Sarnia Hospital Building Project

Enabler project formerly known as headstart project

Scope of work:

  • move loading docks from current location at south side of building to north of building with entrance off of London Road
  • widen vehicle entrance off of London Road
  • temporarily relocate maternity entrance from London Road to Russell Street entrance
  • move bulk oxygen storage from south of building to north side
  • relocate incoming buried high voltage line, this electrical line is currently buried under existing Norman Site visitor parking lot, will be relocated to entre off of Maria Street and feed into the south end of the building

Timeframe: 12 Months

Next Steps:

  • tender project to pre-qualified contractors
  • once tenders received, determine successful bidder
  • submit tender information to Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • MoH approval required to award tender
  • process approximately 10 - 12 weeks depending on MoH approval

Projected Cost of Enabler Project: $2.75 million

Key Factors of Project:

  • enables Bluewater Health to prepare the Norman Site for the main building project
  • takes 12 months off the main building project time frame
  • allows Bluewater Health to begin Phase 3 of the 5 Phase building project

Building Project Phases:

Phase One - Boiler Plant Upgrade / Emergency Generator Replacement / Infrastructure Upgrade

Project Completed

Phase Two - Staff Parking Facility Developed on Hospital-Owned Land West of Russell Street

Project Completed

Phase Three - Enabler (headstart) project completed to prepare site for main building project

Timeframe: 12 months

Phase Four - New addition to Norman Site including sitework, parking facilities and landscaping

Timeframe: 33 months

Phase Five - Renovations to Russell Site for support services and Mental Health programs

Timeframe: 20 months

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